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"This is a real life story of heroic virtue - especially of courage, humility, and generosity - a triumph of faith, hope, and love.  This story involves the very essence of the human spirit, family, and community.  To know Kelly and her journey of miracles is to know that with God all things are possible."                  -Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson                                                                                      Bishop of Evansville




"I have spent many days wondering where God is...and for once it feels great to know that I'm not alone, that we serve an amazing and mighty God. We may not receive the healing that we expect, sometimes it can be as simple as an opportunity availing itself, or maybe it's just our broken spirit that needs the strength to continue to fight. I don't think when Kelly and Michelle wrote this book together that they had intended to heal someone's broken spirit. I commend you both on restoring my hope for the future. I honestly thought my world was over, but because of you I now see that my story has only just begun."

                                                                        - Anonymous




"I am buying three more copies for friends after reading this the same day I received it. While the story is about a specific person, the book can be applied to many situations. This is a story of hope. It explains that question we all hold in our hearts, "Why isn't God answering my prayers?". It Is extremely well written. The author captures the essence of Kelly and her struggles, as well as her victories. I found myself crying and cheering for her. If you know anyone who needs an uplifting story, that is a can't put down classic, this is the perfect book."

                                                                        - Denise Bliss




"What an incredibly well-written, honest, inspiring, and life-changing book! When I came to the end of a chapter, I never even considered putting down the book. I experienced every type of emotion as I read through Kelly’s story. I laughed out loud at Kelly’s humor. I sobbed out loud as I felt her pain. I cried even harder in moments of triumph. Her story is a reminder that the only person who can get in the way of your dreams is yourself. With God, anything is possible! Thank you, Kelly, for reminding us of this. Your story will affect many lives in the years to come. You have only begun to make a difference!"

                                                                        - Annamarie Miller





"Wow. Just WOW. I began this book and ignored my family for hours at a time because I just couldn't put it down; I became Kelly and Jason's cheerleader. I cried for them, prayed for them, laughed with them and silently encouraged them as I read this story. It is a beautiful story of HOPE, regardless of our circumstances. It's a story that can remind all of us that God designed us to be used by Him and for Him and the limitations we feel, may be our own doing. I was touched at how Kelly, as difficult as it was, came to the place of surrender and "rolled" where He led her. I'd love to recommend this book to others and also suggest it be made available at Craig Rehabilitation Center, and other hospitals for those who may need to begin their journey down a similar path due to any unforeseen tragedy. Kelly, thank you for sharing your heart so openly with us. Michelle, thanks for putting your gift of writing into this book! Loved it so much!"

                                                                      - Kolleen Lucariello

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